Woosh Update - December 2023

Woosh Update - December 2023

I shared a bit about Woosh in October but went quite after that. I want to share more about what's going on and how we got here.

In October I shared the first thing I released and since then I've made some pivots to get where we are but I'm just building the app out right now.

Pivot #1: Focusing on non-crypto users in Mexico

We used to work with the assumption that crypto people wanted to send funds to people who didn't have accounts. This might hold true but there's no clear problem we're solving here other than onboarding, this was highlighted during a conversation with a VC. The reason why we're building this app is to onboard more people we've decided to focus 100% on Mexico. Another reason why we're focusing on Mexico is because there's a clear need for a p2p payments app and what better than to build it with crypto on Optimism!

Pivot #2: From web to mobile

We built the MVP on web because that was the easiest thing to do at the time and crypto users don't mind using websites to access dApps. Since we're focusing on a non-crypto audience we also need to make sure we build something people will use consistently and that's an app.

Currently we're building out the MVP using React Native and switching up the UI to be more aligned with our target market. I will be sharing more as we make progress with everything!