​For Gila County Superintendent


"Roy Sandoval is an exceptional leader, and his mentorship has been invaluable to my professional growth.  He has helped me serve as an effective turnaround school leader by sharing his expertise and challenging me to maximize all of our school's resources.  Roy’s experience leading schools, mentoring principals, and collaborating with stakeholders will help launch Gila County Schools’ students towards greater educational achievement."

Sandra Lee, Principal, Thoreau Elementary School, Thoreu, NM

"Roy's experience working as the leader at a school with many academic challenges makes him a perfect resource; one who has the practical knowledge of how to move student achievement. All educational leaders can benefit from Roy's training."

​Sid Bailey, Director Leadership Development, Arizona Charter Schools Association

​As a former public school teacher and coach for 37 years, it was exciting to learn that Roy Sandoval has decided to run for the Gila County School Superintendent position being vacated by the retirement of Pine resident Linda O’Dell.  I’ve always admired and respected Roy’s leadership skills, which are obviously crucial to becoming a successful school or district administrator.

Max Foster, Coach and Educator, Payson Unified School District

​Growing up in Gila County and returning as a professional to teach, design, and run the Payson ESL Program, working as a consultant and SEI trainer, then teaching Language Arts in Pine, I have a unique perspective to offer. Professionally, I have taught under his leadership and have also done trainings for him and other administrators. I also had the privilege of having Roy Sandoval as my high school softball coach and Biology teacher. I can truly speak to his high moral character, his ability to motivate and encourage, and his high expectation of standards. He was one of few teachers I had at the high school level who truly prepared me for the rigor of college.

I found him to be honest, have an ability to cultivate a school climate of respect, safety, responsibility, positive discipline, teamwork, and fun. I admire the excellence in reading, advanced courses, and intervention programs for struggling students shown in his schools, and his heart for community. The way he showed his teachers the freedom to teach using their best training and skills with additional training in the most successful available programs with support was admirable. His varied expertise and experience consulting professionally outside the district brings fresh ideas.

He has a proven track record of success from cultivating positive leadership resulting in student achievement. I look forward to seeing the positive influence that would come under Roy Sandoval as Gila County Superintendent of Schools and would welcome working with him again.

​Trina Gunzel, Educational Consultant and ESL Program Designer, and former student of Mr. Sandoval