​For Gila County Superintendent

My name is Roy Sandoval and I’m running to represent you as Gila County School Superintendent. In my 30 years as an educator, I’ve had the privilege to serve at many different levels: as a Teacher and Coach, a Curriculum director, and Elementary and High School Principal, and as an education consultant for struggling schools.

I believe that education is the great equalizer.  When we provide students with the finest instruction and support, we equip them to pursue their dreams.

My vision for Gila County Schools is to help leaders foster a culture of learning and high achievement. By using on-the-ground leadership coaching to produce excellent classroom instruction, we can build up teachers and raise student achievement in ways that have been tested and proven.

My training as a National Turnaround Specialist helped me transform a high school saddled with one of the worst drug and violence problems in the country. Our success was so dramatic, the National Director of School Turnarounds personally traveled from Washington D.C. to find out what we were doing.

Now, through my business, Southwest School Turnarounds, I mentor 16 principals and work closely with superintendents in New Mexico and Arizona to replicate this model.  

I believe principals pursuing excellence leads to teachers pursuing excellence, ultimately leading to students pursuing excellence.

I have the experience and contacts to bring this success right here to Gila County. I have lifelong commitment to Gila County. I was raised here. I raised my family here. And now, I’d like to use my training and experience to raise up Gila County schools with innovative yet proven approaches.

On election day, I hope that you will honor me, Roy Sandoval, with your support and your vote.
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